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The Science department is made up of four subjects:

• Chemistry
• Biology and
• Basic Science.

These subjects are taught by seasoned , dynamic and passionate teachers who are professionals in their different fields.

Our laboratories are distinctive and well equipped with the necessary science laboratory materials. This enables our students to carry out experiments individually and encourages them to think critically.

Our vision is to develop self-reliant, well -balanced students who can observe, analyse, think critically and take precise decisions which are necessary, not only for their advantage but also for the benefit of all.

Business Department

This is the department that prepares students who wish to study the following disciplines:
• Accounting
• Banking and Finance
• Business Administration
• Economics
• Marketing, etc

The following subjects are in the department
• Financial Account
• Economics
• Commerce
• Business Studies
• Data Processing
• Computer Studies/ICT

So far, God has been helping us in the department to win awards and produce excellent results.
The department is blessed with dedicated and hardworking staff. They include:

• Mr. P. A. Akintomide
• Mr. R. A. Kusimo
• Mr. O. K. Adefilola
• Mrs. A Christopher
Our SSCE results in the department over the years testify to our being on top of our game. Not only that, the performance of our students in higher institutions at home and abroad is encouraging and we are always on our toes to do more.

Humanities 1 Department

Our primary role in the Humanities 1 Department is to provide strong academic leadership. The department comprises

• English language
• Literature -In-English
• French, Yoruba
• Social Studies and
• CRS.

We lead, manage and develop the terrain to ensure it achieves the highest possible status of excellence in all our activities.
The management of the school and the members of the the department are working towards a goal – excellence in all areas.

Thus, the department engages in various social activities,such as; debate competition , quiz competition, Drama presentation, excursion, training our students in public speaking – Auditorium Hour. The checking of students’ notes, the checking and the marking of teachers lesson notes and plans, monitoring of assignments and class work amongst others are the essential part of the mix which has assured the successes we have recorded over the years.

By engaging our students in all these activities, we help them to broaden their horizon in so many ways thereby uplifting the school to greater heights.
Furthermore, the availability of pastoral assistance enhances both the academic performance and the moral upbringing of the students. We give great attention to that. Thus, it goes without saying that our activities in the department are geared towards enhancing the image and and progress of the school.

Humanities 2 Department

Humanities 2 Department comprises the following subjects:

• Agricultural Science
• Animal Husbandry
• Geography
• Civic Education
• Government
• Cultural and Creative Art
• Visual Art.

There are at present six teachers in Humanities 2 Department. The Head of Department, oversees the general affairs of the department by ensuring that the teachers adhere strictly to the internal controls put in place by the school authorities to enhance the overall performance of both the teachers and the students.

Some of the oversight functions of the Head of Department are highlighted below:

• 1. Routine inspection of teachers during class interactions.
• 2. To ensure that students are regularly assessed.
• 3.To ensure that teachers inspect and mark students’ notes on a weekly basis.
• 4. To ensure that teachers prepare and keep statutory records that are constantly updated.

There is a remarkable and tremendous improvement in the performance of students in both internal and external examinations. The in-house training put in place by the department has equally enhanced the teachers’ competency and professionalism.



Mathematics department has been contributing immensely year in, year out to a better academic performance of the students. The department has been anchoring various academic programmes that have been enhancing students’ productivity and intellectual capability. Through the effective monitoring and leading of the teachers in the department, great academic excellence has been recorded both in internal and external examinations, as well as in inter-school academic competitions. The tutors in this department are:

• Mr. Kujebe
• Mr Sadiku
• Mr. Adeyemi (Acting HOD)

These teachers work collaboratively to ensure that programmes being initiated by the department are duly carried out to boost students performance in the aspect of solving Mathematics problems rather than just following the teacher’s direction, as the programme features Mathematics Clinic where we select average and below average students and teach them separately some of the topics they do not understand.

We group students during Mathematics lessons where we pair the weak with the good students for effective learning. Our programmes have, and continue to expose the students to real life situations through Mathematics symbolism and through working together cooperatively to solve problems. We encourage our students to think outside the box. Through these programmes, lessons learnt in classroom are well articulated and internalised.

In our department, we encourage amicable student-teacher relationship such that our students interact with their teachers after a particular lesson concerning what they do not understand.

Finally, we of Mathematics Department take verbalisation by students of Mathematical thinking, making presentations and analysis in front of a large group almost to the point of obsession. No wonder therefore our examination results over the years are a testimony to our achievement in the Mathematics Department.