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There is a Health Room manned by a qualified nurse. Cases that require further treatment or investigations are sent to reputable government-approved private hospitals or parents are immediately contacted.


The school takes students on visits to places of note within and outside the Nigerian shores. Some of the places already visited include: The French Language Village in Ajara Badagry, IITA in Ibadan, Benin Republic, Togo and Ghana. The college has in view excursions to some important places in the Northern part of Nigeria, Ivory Coast, U.K, USA, etc in a not-too-distant future. Parents are always informed well in advance whenever an excursion is to take place.


The College Library is fully stocked with e-books. This comprises both a physical library and an e-library in all subjects, as well as with general knowledge books. There are encyclopaedia, books on science fiction, as well as story books. The college librarian sees to the orderliness and serenity of the library environment.


At Regal New Heights College, each student has access to a computer and he/she is expected to be able use the internet facilities to source for information and knowledge. We are directly connected to the internet.

Our students are exposed to both the theory and the practical’s of computer education.


Music is offered to our students as part of the regular academic curriculum up to JS 3 (Basic 9) level. In parallel with this, practical music is taught to the students in terms of playing musical instruments like the saxophone, the keyboard (piano), the guitar, the trumpet and the traditional talking drum as extra subjects. The recorder is however taught to all JS students.

Music education is being handled by graduates of Music. The recorder is however taught to all JS students and quite a number of our students can play these instruments.


We live in the age of information and communication technology. This is why we take computer education very seriously. In addition to the normal National Computer Education Curriculum, we operate in parallel with that, CISCO training of our students which enables them to become professionals both in software design and hardware repair before they leave school.

To this end, our students write a series of professional certification exams.


The role of sport in physical and mental fitness is reflected in the facilities and the equipment we have for sports. These include: athletics, football, table tennis, cricket, handball and basketball. Competitions with other schools are organized.

Inter-house sports and athletic competitions are organised for the students and every Wednesday, early morning keep-fit exercise is done to ensure the physical well-being of the students is ensured.


The Boys’ and Girls’ hostels are located on the school compound. Electricity is always available as there is a stand-by generator; bathrooms and running water are also in place in each of the boarding houses.

The students are placed in rooms according to their houses:

a.       Emerald (Green)

b.       Gold (Yellow)

c.       Ruby (Red)

d.       Sapphire (Blue)

Each student is provided with a bed, a locker and a plate. Other personal belongings are brought from home.

Resident boarding house staff, in charge of students’ welfare include a matron and housemasters. Security is provided by our security staff within the fenced compound.


There are six main clubs in the school viz: the Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists Club (JETS CLUB), the French Club, Vocational Club, I.C.T (Coding) club, Maths Club and every student is a member of the Literary and Debating Society. The activities of these clubs help the students to develop their talents and foster healthy competition among them.


For students to be able to practicalise the theory which they learn in the regular classroom activities there must be laboratories and studios, At Regal New Heights College, the Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories are well-eqipped to meet the challenges of practical work. Added to these are the work-rooms and studios for Fine Art, Home Economics, Computer and Music. Other facilities include: A standard field for football and athletics, a modern volley ball and handball pitch, and table-tennis equipment. On the compound is a tuck shop where students and the staff can buy a few small things like biscuits, drinks, toiletries, etc.